My style of wedding photography is relaxed and documentary. I look to capture the moments of the day as they happen. I capture the emotion of the smiles and tears, allowing you to relive your wedding day.

I’ve been working in creative industries since 2000. During this time I have worked on all kinds of photography projects on various scales from weddings to photographing advertising campaigns. I have covered weddings all over the UK and abroad.

Of all the work I undertake, weddings are the most special and rewarding. I have found over the years, that the relationship that you build when you deliver something as important to people as their wedding memories, is one of the most fulfilling aspects of a job that I can imagine. The feedback and reviews over the years, has taught me how much my service means to people. 

When you hire me you will instantly gain a sense of trust, I deliver amazing photography, week in, week out with consistent results in all conditions. Unlike other styles of photography, weddings are taken fast in a small window of time, you have to know when to step up and organise, and when to be low key and subtle, fading into the background.

I work firstly with the bride and bridal party to put them at ease before going to the church or venue. By the time the big shoots come around, I have her trust and the trust of all her family. When it comes to the group shots I step up and with a genuine charm that you can’t be taught. I organise the groups carefully and efficiently with all the guests feelings taken into account so that they feel served.


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